Daytec Systems, Inc. (DSI) believes that by having a vested interest in our customers’ success, we will in turn be successful. From our suite of professional services (web development, E-marketing, network & cyber security consulting, and technical training) to our team of quality consultants & experts that want to work with you, we happily serve our community with peace of mind.

  • Strategic Planning.
    Reaching your customers in today’s complex environment requires relevant interactions at every stage from awareness to conversion and retention. We unite strategy, insight, creativity and technology with rigorous program management to create integrated, interactive solutions. Consequently, our solutions resonate with your customers to produce measurable success.

    Thriving in this climate requires not only an intimate knowledge of the online channel, but also how it relates to all other channels, to your customers and to your business strategy. All our marketing strategies reflect two key considerations. First, they’re designed to complement your business plan and your brand. Second, we take into account how the strategy relates to all your channels. Customers expect to interact with your company through multiple channels. They may discover your product on television, research it on the Web, buy it in a store and receive support over the phone. Our extensive knowledge of online media and customer interactions can help you generate greater value from your customers, improve relationships with your partners, and work more effectively as a company.
  • Insight.
    These days, customers are difficult to identify, hard to reach and challenging to keep. In addition to drawing on the quantitative consumer data we’ve accumulated over the years, our multi-disciplinary teams immerse themselves in your audience’s world to understand their motivations, interests, likes and dislikes. This research helps us develop insights that form the basis of our solution design. We combine attitudinal and behavioral research to generate actionable insights into your most valuable customer segments. This initial feedback is validated further when we bring real customers into the earliest phases of a project to help us analyze, refine and enhance our work. Next, we subject our final solution to rigorous usability testing and campaign optimization. The result is an online experience that accurately reflects user behavior, provides relevant content, high ease of use and minimizes abandonment.
  • Creativity.
    The richness and depth of our strategic work requires an equally robust creative product. We begin by ensuring your campaigns or sites reflect the knowledge we’ve accumulated on your target audience. Then we look for the best way to translate your brand online using a comprehensive team of media planners and buyers, search specialists, designers, rich interface developers, information architects and content strategists.
  • Technology.
    By combining our capabilities with our partners’ products, we’re able to incorporate powerful technology solutions. However, our real advantage stems from the flexibility, thoroughness and process by which that technology is incorporated into our solutions. We start by leveraging your existing technology investments. We integrate our solution with your existing customer and product information. Our teams work side by side with your IT staff to ensure a seamless launch and to allow you to make future alterations without our intervention.
  • Optimization.
    Technology not only enables us to build powerful solutions, it allows us to more easily measure our programs. By scientifically testing the relationship between marketing cause and effect, we not only improve your performance over time, we enable you to learn faster than your competition.

    This iterative process yields better performance from every lever in your interactive arsenal: from ad creative, to media, to landing page, to Web site, to e-mail the entire customer experience. Our data-driven approach and reporting analysis give our clients rapid, measurable and actionable feedback at a level that’s rarely been possible in traditional marketing.